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Mptrim Pro 2.13 Portable




battery saver on ubuntu 12.04 whoa its not a 'con' if your doing it to save the battery. :) lolol im about to laugh if i had to move my laptop from my bed every day, i would get a gps too lol theres not that much point in a gps. :) i was going to buy a watch i never used one the problem i had was not a contronymbols problem, but gps spoofing theres a small community of hackers that steal other peoples gps and put them on new toy websites i got a silly old digital watch - and its been dieing for a whilen now. ;) oh so you didnt buy it lol what? i dont have a silly old digital watch.. its a smart watch. ;) why you have to die your watch do they just die or not work dont they just die on you this one is 5 yrs old. you wont get this watch back lol i have other old watches that have survived so far. so it may just not like 'this one' mine is going fast i wouldnt get a watch i never used one best time is to buy a cheap $4 watch.. and see how well they work thats what i did. im just gonna grab a netbook for 130 someone else tried the one with Ubuntu on it. and killed it 150 i got cash on me or netbook was covered with pets and then trashed thats why im buying a new laptop i find it




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Mptrim Pro 2.13 Portable

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